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Morning tea and newspaper. by KenFletcher
Morning tea and newspaper.
Mrs. Akiana Toru & Col. Hollis Hadaway in a favorite hospitality ritual at a resort hotel on the South Island of the Spontoon Island atoll. (Col. Hadaway may have leased a small suite of rooms as a residence for a stay in the islands.)

An ink sketch by Jerry Collins, done in 2016; commission and grey-tones by Ken Fletcher.
Jerry has a page here on Deviant Art as "georgieganarf"
He does commissions for pencil sketches, ink sketches, & color sketches. His rates and contact information are in his previous journals.
Speed Week (Air Racing - 1930s) - A Meet and Greet by KenFletcher
Speed Week (Air Racing - 1930s) - A Meet and Greet
At a taxi pier, waiting for the tourists to arrive, on their way to their hotels. The InfoCom worker (in the checky-pattern) is there to supply moderately impartial information and arbitration. (Spontoon Island setting, 1930s.)
Seaplane racing:…
SpeedWeek InfoCom street-worker (+ 2 visitors) by KenFletcher
SpeedWeek InfoCom street-worker (+ 2 visitors)
An InfoCom worker hands out program guides to foreign visitors at an aircraft racing event.

Speed Week (on Spontoon Island in the 1930s) attracts a lot of visitors, especially for the aircraft racing. Most all of the visitors from large cities around the Pacific ocean are rich people from the upper classes, who can afford to travel for fun. They may have never visited the Pacific islands before, and may need information about the Speed Week racing, hospitality services, and local culture.

The Speed Week Information Committee Co-op pays many information workers to be on hand in areas where visitors will gather. Some of these workers are at information booths, some (in their distinctive checkered uniforms) will be on the streets, or mingling with the crowds. They can answer general questions about Speed Week and the Spontoon Islands, or direct visitors to an information booth... all of the booths have telegraph operators, and some even have telephones (gasp!) to contact the main information center, or telegraph directly to hotels or constabulary.
Racing seaplane crew finds their investor by KenFletcher
Racing seaplane crew finds their investor
By Jerry Collins, idea & pencils ( ) + KenFletcher, inks & tones.

It is early 1925, at a major seaport on the Pacific Ocean. A civilian seaplane crew is looking for a sponsor for their entry in the Spontoon Island seaplane races. They believe they have perhaps found their patron. They have constructed a quite excellent floatplane within its racing classification, but money and sponsorship is needed for design improvements, tune-ups, flying practice, entry fees, and transportation to the Spontoon Archipelago, and hangar rental once they are there. A promotional poster in their seaport neighborhood provides a good excuse to bring up the subjects of international prestige, business publicity, and upward social mobility. And several weeks for a patron to explore the exotic people and events during the 'Speed Week' in the Spontoon Islands.

(Jerry Collins is continuing to accept commissions for sketch art. See " georgieganarf " here on Deviant Art.)

The Spontoon Island website welcomes art and text contributions that would fit the "Speed Week" theme of various forms of vehicle racing set on the Spontoon Islands in the 1930s. Reposts of your original art of 1930s-style racing aircraft and pilots and crew would be welcome. Basic images would be okay. If you want further background, there are previous published contributions, and specific info pages for contributors:…
Speed Week Poster (Spontoon Island) by KenFletcher
Speed Week Poster (Spontoon Island)
Speed Week in the 1930s alternate world of Spontoon Island. It is a celebration (and travel promotion) of vehicle racing, with an emphasis on airplane racing. The seaplane racing competition of the Schneider Trophy continues in this location. This is an anthro/toon/funny-animal cartooned version of our world.…

Speed Week:…

Contributions of text, art, & re-posted art are welcome. Contributors are credited, with links to your websites, if you wish. Contributions can be cartoony or sf illustration-style. Visible characters should be in an anthropomorphic-animal style. A view of an isolated stand-alone racing vehicle is acceptable, as are views of characters reacting to the setting and racing events. For more detailed contributors' information:…

Previous contributions of aircraft views:…


Ken Fletcher
United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: 1920s pop
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: The Mynah Bird
Personal Quote: "Heyyo, Hooey!"
Jerry Collins, an early anthropomorphic-sf & furry cartoonist and artist is available for commissioned art. In the 1970s he became well-known for illustrations & comic strips featuring settings that shared his iconic species of Haku-hasin (nicknamed: "Bambiods"), Ganarfs (chibi-style little critters), & Teijenese (A.K.A. "Cat-bears").

Jerry has an account on Deviant Art as "GeorgieGanarf" - Most of the current gallery work is graphics-software sketches, but some examples of his traditional media work since the 1980s is in the many gallery folders at the account. Recent journals give his commission details, and a contact address.

A summary of Jerry's commission rates in March 2015:
8.5 inches by 11 inches black & white (pencil sketch or ink sketch)- $30.00
8.5 inches by 11 inches color (usually markers or acrylic water-color)- $50.00
check or money order (Send with a self-addressed stamped envelope, or with enough money to cover return postage - about $6.00 for priority mail.)

(His sketches can be sketchy or detailed/finished. Subject matter is negotiable. His female & male characters are attractive, and often costumed, & can be romantic/sexy. I've not seen sketches of his that I would consider explicit. If you don't have a strong preference on subject, he seems very happy to send good samples from his recent practice sketches & development sketches. I recommend this.)

My recent DA gallery has some examples of where I have done inks (via light-table) over recent Jerry Collins detailed pencil sketches.

 More recent samples of his ink and pencil sketches from the last 5 years are at the Spontoon Island website. Some may be found via this contents page for a Jerry Collins section:…

Some of his art is also in this section of original aircraft designs:…
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